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Okay ladies and gents, tonight’s episode probably had to be ONE of the BEST episodes of Nikita ever! It was just so amazing, I seriously have no words. All I have to say is that they better have a season three, because this episode just made me want it that much more.

In tonight’s episode “Power,” Amanda and Ari decide to make their move and take over the Zetrov company because Alex refused to share it in the episode before. They plan a board meeting where they discuss with the head of the company and chairman and propose their plans. Amanda comes face-to-face with Nikita and shoots her in the chest, but Nikita has on a bulletproof vest. She is however weak and on the floor without a weapon and Amanda has a chance to kill her then and there. But that does not happen. Amanda spares her life and runs off with a suitcase. Throughout the episode, Nikita recalls the time when Amanda first brought her to Division and how she made her into someone completely new.

During the board meeting, Alex shows up with the media and an old and powerful friend who she wants to take over the company on her behalf. She is assisted by Nikita at the scene and of course Shane and Bhirkoff doing all the technical stuff back at their base.

While Amanda is away on this three day board meeting vacay with Ari, she leaves Sonya in charge. Percy is found and brought back by a double-agent who is secretly working for Percy and had planned all this. He reveals how Amanda has been working with Gogo and Ari, with the help of Sonya when she calls Birkhoff and he shows her the recorded tape of Amanda at the board meeting thinking she is only watching when really, all of Division is. After seeing this tape, the members of Division no longer want Amanda as their leader and take Percy back. HE IS BACK IN CHARGE, DO YOU HEAR? I don’t know why, but I was so excited.

Near the end, Nikita is stuck in the room and running out of air while Amanda watches her and they have a long chat about who’s wrong and why they’re doing this to each other. Nikita tells Amanda that if she dies, she loses. When the minutes are up, Nikita fakes her death, and when Amanda opens the door, Nikita jumps up to attack her. This time, Amanda is in the same position Nikita was in the beginning: in a position where Nikita can easily kill her. However, she says she is stronger than that and just hits her in the head with the gun, leaving her unconscious.

Meanwhile, the board members are not too impressed with Ari not showing them the proof for his plan, and are influenced by the speech Alex gives them about him not being the right leader for Zetrov. They fire Ari, and hire Alex’s powerful friend as the new owner. Ari is angry and scared and runs to another room putting in money, gun and other necessities into his bag and decides to flee with Amanda. Amanda calls Division to send a team to pick her and Ari up.


Yes, PERCY PICKS UP THE PHONE. HE ANSWERS THE PHONE. He tells Amanda off, and tells her to look out because it’s a cold world out there and to bundle up. Percy back in the houseeee b*tch.

Amanda is shocked and the episode ends with two scenes. One with Amanda and Ari where they are in a room somewhere and they just booked their flight to leave in the morning. Amanda is depressed, but Ari tells her he picked up something on his way that can help them: A BLACK BOX. He expects Amanda to be happy, but she is still sad about Nikita, and not killing her when she could have. And finally, the last scene is with Nikita and Michael, and Nikita is leaning on a wall and tells Michael that she is happy that she didn’t kill Amanda and saved her life.

And that’s that ladies and gents! I absolutely L-O-V-E-D this episode! So amazing and epic and just ahhh, no words. I can’t way to see what happens in next week’s episode, with Percy back in the house and with Amanda and Ari!

What did you guys think of the episode? And what was your favourite part!?

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On March 26th, around Midnight, Justin Bieber’s much-anticipated new single “Boyfriend” was released. I was actually staying up yesterday to have a listen. Justin and his Beliebers were taking over twitter as they had multiple world-wide trends counting down the hours and then the minutes before it was released. But when the clock struck midnight, “Boyfriend” was no where to be seen on iTunes. Beliebers started to frantically tweet Biebs and were panicking. Justin noticed and tweeted

yo @itunesmusic im trying to romance 19 million ladies with my music. you are kinda screwing this up for me. LEGGO! #BOYFRIENDONITUNES

If Justin Bieber wants something, he’s going to get it and so the next minute, “Boyfriend” was officially on iTunes. I clicked on it and heard the 1:29 preview. I didn’t want to buy it just yet before listening to the whole thing, which is why I waited for today to decide where I want to buy it and to have an opinion on it.

I’ve got to say, this new track is definitely very different from his other ones. Much more mature, except for the constant mention of “swag” and er…a Buzz Lightyear reference. I was not very into the rapping parts, I just think his voice is more suited to just singing it out. The chorus was the best part of the song. Fans and other media sources are even comparing him to Justin Timberlake and saying how he is following the same path Timberlake took to get from teen sensation to having people take his music seriously. Some even went on to say that the collaboration with Mike Posner sounds like a slower version of Timberlake’s “Like I Love You.” They both have electric guitar melodies, hip-hop beats and a mix of rap and sung lyrics. Do you think he is trying to be like Justin Timberlake?

Regardless if he is or isn’t, this single overnight is now #1 on iTunes! Bieber BLASTED.

What do you think of “Boyfriend”? Take the poll and let me know!

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This weekend has just been one of the best weekends of this year for me! I had a blast. I got to meet some amazing celebrities and spend it with great friends. The Juno Awards is happening on April 1st, 2012, and there are mini events that happen beforehand to prepare for them. One of these events is the Juno Live Music Labs that happened this weekend at the Ontario Science Centre. I actually work there during holidays like Christmas, Spring Break and summer. So, I got free admission. The perks of working for the government, right?

On Saturday, from 12-1 PM, singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen and recording artist JRDN were there. They have great catchy songs, and so they did a workshop where, alongside their guitarists, discussed how the process of writing a hit song and how easy it can sometimes be. I’m actually a big fan of Carly, so I was totally fan-girling when she came out. I love her song “Call Me Maybe,” it’s one of the catchiest songs I have ever heard, and if you haven’t heard it yet, please stop hiding under a rock and go search it on YouTube right now! She just got signed onto Justin Bieber’s label! Fun Fact: Did you guys know she’s 26!? CRAZY, RIGHT? I thought she was around my age. Guess I was way off. She was just so gorgeous and perfect, yes I said it. With the help of the audience, including me, she wrote half of a song on the spot. She was a natural! JRDN also helped, and although I had not heard his music before, I did end up going home and searching him up. He had a great voice and was a very sweet guy, and HIS biggest fan was definitely in the building. The song we wrote together was called “First Kiss,” the video will be posted below. Very catchy, it was stuck in my head the whole day yesterday. If they were to record it together, I am sure it would be a hit. Who knows? Maybe they will. And I can say I helped.

This whole thing was hosted by the amazing NML host Lauren Toyota, who I am also a big fan of because she is one of my inspirations in becoming a journalist. Shout out to her!

Songwriters Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida also came for the next hour to discuss the craft of songwriting. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to this one, but I appreciate both of them because they have a lot of talent!

On Sunday, I went to the second Live Music Labs, and here I got to see and meet the amazing band “Down With Webster!” I had heard a few songs by them before, but today I truly got to see their talent and what they were

all about. NML host Liz Trinnear interviewed them and then the floor was open for Q&A by the fans. Some great questions were asked about their song-writing process, crazy fan stories, and how they choose what songs they play for their set list. They were very energetic and answered the questions very well. They dissected one of their most popular song – “Royalty.” That song is currently stuck in my head, it’s a very catchy one! And I’m a huge rap fan, so I love it. They showed how they mix all of their musical styles together to build a unique sound. I got to meet them after and they were all very sweet. Great gentlemen, and it was an honour to meet them. They are nominated for two Juno Awards so make sure to tune in to see if they win!

This was definitely a weekend well spent meeting some great people and spend it with some awesome friends. I also got some great advice from Liz, the NML host about getting into journalism and in case you guys are curious, she told me the best thing to do is “volunteer, volunteer, volunteer!”

Thanks for reading, and until next time, peace out dudeezzz!

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        Before I start this review of The Hunger Games, let me just state how big of a fan I am of the books and that I had been looking forward to this movie for so long! I knew they would turn it into a movie because I hadn’t read an incredibly amazing story like this since Harry Potter.

And now for the movie. IT WAS AMAZING. It definitely met my expectations. For those of you, like me, who have read the books, this first movie really stuck to the book. And not many movies do that *coughtwilightcough*, so I was truly impressed. Props to the director Gary Ross!

Now for those of you who have NO idea what this movie is about and have not read the books, here is a quick summary:

Basically, the time of the book is in the future, you can call it an apocalypse if you’d like, and there are 12 districts in a dystopian North America. It is a government, the capital, in which each year in order to show everyone who’s boss, have a televised gladiatorial competition where one young girl and one young man are chosen from each district and they all have to fight to the death. There can only be one winner, because everyone else must die. This one winner shows the districts that there is still “hope.” Katniss Everdeen’s (Jennifer Lawrence) little sister Prim is chosen as one of the tributes. However, Katniss cannot stand to let this happen, so she bravely runs up and volunteers as tribute. Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) is chosen as the male tribute. Together, these two are representing District 12. The rest of the movie shows the capital, where they are surrounded by food, meet the other tributes, train and then are sent off into the battlefield. Here, the real action begins.

Here are some of my thoughts on some important (in my opinion) scenes in the movie:

– Jennifer Lawrence did an incredible job in playing the role of Katniss, she was moving, strong and her acting was great. You could feel the emotions she was feeling and really sympathize with her. My favourite emotional moments by her were right before she was about to go into the battlefield and she’s with Cinna and she’s shaking like crazy. It looks very real and it really caught my attention. And of course another favourite is the scene with Rue. That had to be one of my favourite scenes, somewhere in my top three, maybe. It made me cry! And it takes a lot for me to cry. She really made me feel her grief and I’m sure many others in the theatre with me did as well. And to top it off, when she did the signal to the camera after she buried Rue with flowers, was very touching and it was a pivotal moment where District 11 decided to rebel inspired by her braveness and love.

– I also really liked the location and setting of the movie. Whoever set all that up did a great job! Everything looked so out of the ordinary and magical. The makeup was amazing, the effects, everything. The train scene kind of reminded me of Harry Potter when they are on their wayto Hogwarts. Don’t you guys think? And then they arrive at this beautiful place, and are immediately surrounded by the people of the capital. Peeta is excited, totally looks like a little kid on christmas. Katniss?Not so much.

– Woody Harrelson who played Haymitch really lived up to my expectations of his character. He acted very well and gave both Katniss and Peeta great advice as a mentor even though he’s drunk pretty much all the time. Another character who I thought was played out really well was Cato by Alexander Ludwig! Of course, I absolutely love him. Why, you may ask? Because he’s Canadian, duh, what did you think? You thought I was going to say he’s good-looking didn’t you? Oh shucks, you got me on that one! I feel like he was the perfect person to play Cato. He did a great job in portraying the cruelness of the character and then finally the tragic ending where he shows emotion for the first time.

– Last, but not least, of course I have to talk about the fabulous scene with Katniss and Peeta in the cave where they’re alone, in a dark place. Okay, I’m getting carried away. That scene was actually kind of funny, to be honest. I know it was supposed to sweet, romantic and make me go “awww.” But I couldn’t help but chuckle. Maybe it was because the guys sitting beside me were laughing really loud. But it was a little TOO sweet for me, even on the borderline of cheesy. Although we don’t know if Katniss’ feelings are really true for Peeta or if she’s just putting on a show for the people, we sure know Peeta’s is. Poor Gale! He thinks Katniss really likes Peeta. I couldn’t help but stare at Liam Hemsworth’s beautiful face, but I feel like he needed more scenes so I could have stared at him longer. Oh well, hopefully in the next movie!

Overall, for those who are planning to watch it this weekend or whenever, you will love it! Or maybe you won’t, but you may want to check with a doctor if you don’t, because you may be CRAZY. It’s very well directed and definitely worth a watch, or two if you’re a big fan like moi!

Rating: 11/10 (see what I did there?)

Peace out, and may the odds be ever in your favour.

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In tonight’s episode, the viewers got to learn more about Alaric’s “condition,” Bonnie’s situation and hm, am I missing something? Oh yes, Sage is back! That’s right, Sage, the bad ass chick that was mentioned in last week’s episode that used to beat up men for pleasure. I mean, if I’m being honest, I kind of saw it coming.

Tonight’s episode #17 “Break On Through” started with a scene of Alaric, Meredith and Elena at the hospital. Meredith wanted to get an x-ray of Alaric to see if there was anything wrong that she could fix as a doctor and if it was medical. Unfortunately, we get our first scene of total freakiness and horror-movie when Alaric sees a reflection of himself and it’s not doing the same actions he is! Creepy, right? Later in the episode, with Elena, Meredith and Stefan working together, they find out that even without wearing the ring, Alaric is still crazy. But Elena figures that out a little late, and by then Alaric is already in his alter-ego mode and is trying to attack Meredith. His alter-ego is one in which he tries to kill all the city council leaders because they are not doing anything to hunt down vampires. And he’s a vampire-hunter, duh! Turns out, Alaric did end up attacking Meredith, but not enough to kill her. Here, Stefan “controls” himself and gives his blood to her to heal her. They result to asking Bonnie for help and if they can reverse the spell on Alaric. Let’s hope that Alaric goes back to normal, because if he doesn’t, he’ll end up going crazy just like Samantha Gilbert.

HINT HINT: The actor who plays Alaric Saltzman, Matt Davis has actually been cast as the lead in a new pilot for the network – Cult. Although they say that he will be able to make guest appearances on the show, I’m pretty certain he won’t be able to go back and forth from one show to another all the time. So..I’m sad to say this because I do really love his character but what I’m getting from all this is that they may kill him off. And there goes another parental figure for Elena. Poor her.

Damon is also reunited in this episode with Sage. His mentor back in the days, say oh a couple 100 years ago. Sage lets Damon know that he can help get in Rebekkah’s head to see what she wants with his help. They end up having a threesome, sort of…Sage passes on the information she gets to Damon. but it turns out she’s not all for helping him. Because she is in love with one of the originals, she goes against Damon’s plan to kill the originals since if you kill one original, all the others die…and that would include her so-called lover.

As for Bonnie and her mom. Well, let’s just say her mother isn’t taking the transition too well. I mean, she almost bit off her adopted son’s head! She feels bad, and feels she can’t handle it all so she decides to go away. Caroline catches her writing a goodbye letter and tries to convince her to stay, but her mind is made up. Poor Bonnie, looks like she’s going to lose her mother a second time – or a third time if you count the killing and turning into a vampire part.

By the end of the episode, Damon finds a genius new way to kill the originals! This is why I absolutely L-O-V-E his character (besides his hotness, of course). He finds a sign that is made from the same tree wood that can be used to kill originals. Looks like we know what the next episode will be focused on.

Until next time TVD folks! 😉

– Naz

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This is my very first blog post for this new blog and what am I writing about? Hilary Duff, of course.

I have admired her since as far as I can remember. I was obsessed with her. But I’m not going to get into that right now. What I’m really here to tell you guys about is that she just had a baby boy!

I am so happy for her! She tweeted the following just less than an hour ago:

Welcome to the World Luca Cruz Comrie! Tuesday evening, we became proud parents of a healthy 7 pound 6 ounce beautiful boy.

We are overjoyed and feel like the luckiest parents in the world.

He is surrounded by so much love!! Mom and baby are both doing extremely well.”

Before even replying to this, I favorited and retweeted this. I mean, duh, what else would I do? I congratulated her and it seems that everyone else is too. The number one trending topic on twitter right now is “Congrats Hilary Duff.” The world loves her!

I can’t wait to see pictures of her lovely boy and I love the name they picked out! Luca? Sounds awesome and way better than Lucas.

I will post pictures as soon as they are released! Congratulations to her once again!

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Hello readers!

Hello to those who are reading this,

I’m sure not many are, but I assure you soon there will be many!

I’m a total pop culture nerd, so this is the blog where I will just be sharing what I find interesting in the media. Anything from tv shows, movies, celebrity news and many more. Check it out! I promise I won’t disappoint.


Peace dudes.

– Naz


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