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Today is Canada Day and I thought in honor of it and being a Canadian myself, I should make a blog post celebrating it!

Of course, it had to be appropriate for my “pop-culture” based blog, so I put together a gallery of top Canadian celebrities who have made it big in the music and film industry – in Los Angeles. Some of the biggest stars in Hollywood are from Canada. Stars like Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, Justin Bieber, Drake and Nina Dobrev! I bet you didn’t know most of these celebrities were Canadians though, you might be surprised.

Happy Canada Day, eh! ūüėČ

Who’s your favorite Canadian star?

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Remember when¬†Selena Gomez¬†announced that she will be taking a break from music with her band “Selena Gomez & The Scene?” Well it looks like that break is over, and it didn’t last very long.

She had a very busy year finishing three movies: Spring Breakers, Getaway, and Hotel Transylvania, but now she wants to take a break on the acting and go back to the music and into the recording studio.

She tells E!,¬†“This is the first year I haven’t put out music.¬†I miss it.” She wants to put out her fourth album, but this time she would like it to be her biggest and best one.

I think this is going to be the biggest one for me personally. I want to be able to write about things I’ve never talked about before and tell a story with this album because I’ve never actually had time to go in and do that. I’ve never worked on a song for more than two days,” Gomez says.

If you think by telling a “story,” that it will be about her relationship with Justin Bieber, well you’re wrong. She wants it to be “more of something that people could say, it could be that or it could be this or it could that. At the end of the day I only make my music because I want it be really fun and if I could have people dance to it, relate to it, have a good time, that’s all I want.

She has already started meeting with producers, and wants to reunite with Rock Mafia and Toby Gad.

Personally, I’m excited to hear more music from her! Although acting is what she does best, Selena’s songs are always so fun to dance & sing along to. I knew she couldn’t resist.

Are you excited to hear more music from Selena Gomez or should she just stick to acting?

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I’m the type of girl who makes a lot of funny faces all the time, and what I love about¬†Jennifer Lawrence, is well pretty much everything. But what makes her even more awesome is that she makes all these great funny faces that make me laugh. She’s probably one of the most ‘GIF’ed person on Tumblr, and many call her the¬†“Queen of Derp.” There’s even a whole tumblr page dedicated to her faces!

I love the fact that she’s not afraid to have fun and doesn’t care about looking silly in front of the cameras, it’s what makes her special because she’s so down-to-earth! So I thought, since I love her derpy faces so much, why not put together a gallery of all of them? And that’s just what I did! I had fun putting together these images, and I hope you have a good laugh from them like I did, haha.

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Disney has just confirmed that¬†‘Avengers 2’¬†is already in development. Shocked? Yeah, me¬†neither.

After¬†‘The Avengers’¬†smashed the all-time opening-weekend record, and now has grossing over $702 million so far, it’s pretty obvious Disney is lovin’ the ka-ching ka-ching $$.

The CEO of Disney,¬†Bob Iger,¬†said the film‚Äôs success ‚Äúis a great illustration of why we like Marvel so much.‚Ä̬†He also said that the demand for¬†Avengers¬†merchandise has been strong.

In his announcement he also said that before Avengers 2 is out, there will be a¬†“Iron Man 3”¬†and¬†“Thor 2”¬†in 2013 and “Captain America 2” in 2014. So that would mean¬†Avengers 2¬†would come out around 2015. Not bad, we can wait 3 more years.

Iger also said that there will be a Marvel-theme at Disney Parks in the future. Looks like the Marvels are definitely taking over!

Are you excited for ‘Avengers 2’? What would you like to see in the sequel?

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Unfortunately, although¬†Gary Ross¬†did a great job filming “Hunger Games,” he¬†will not be filming the sequel.

But that’s okay folks, because we got the next best thing! The director of¬†‘Catching Fire’¬†has been announced and it is¬†Francis Lawrence. And NO, he is not¬†Jennifer Lawrence’s father or relative.

Here’s what he has to say:

“Hello fellow Hunger Games fans! ¬†I just want you all to know how unbelievably excited and honored I am to be a part of Catching Fire. ¬†At the end of the day, all of the work that I put in to my movies is for you — the fans. Make sure to post and let me know what you‚Äôre most excited to see in this adaptation as we aim to make something truly faithful and spectacular!”

Awe, he seems nice! And it looks like some of the cast likes him as well and don’t mind him directing them even though they adored¬†Gary Ross.

Liam Hemsworth¬†who plays¬†Gale¬†in the famous trilogy says,¬†“The last I heard, the new director [Lawrence] had just come on, so that’s really cool. I’m excited about that. I think we shoot the last few months of this year.”

Josh Hutcherson¬†(Peeta) also expressed his excitement about Francis. He said, “Francis is extremely talented, and everyone I‚Äôve talked to says he‚Äôs the best guy in the world, so I think he‚Äôs going to bring a lot.‚ÄĚ

Sounds good to me!

Lawrence began his career by filming only music videos at first but since then he has grown to filming movies like Constantine and Water for Elephants. 

What do you think of the new director they picked out for ‘Catching Fire’? Do you think he can make this film as awesome as ‘Hunger Games’ was?

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The Avengers¬†has beat the opening weekend record! Yes, you heard right! You know what that means right? It beat previous record-holder¬†Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. What a shocker (to many people)! But I honestly kind of saw it coming. The Avengers had a lot of hype built around it and it definitely lived up. I saw it yesterday and it was truly amazing. Even though I had to go to three theaters before I found one that wasn’t sold out and then had to wait a long time in line, it was so worth it. Who wouldn’t want to see all the Marvels fighting together? That’s right, no one.

The film grossed about $200.3 million in its Friday-Sunday box-office debut. Now imagine how much it will make today (Sunday). This is the first movie to break the $200 million record in three days.

The movie even earned $15 million just at IMAX theaters alone! After over a week in release worldwide, The Avengers has grossed approximately $614.8 million.

Here is the all-time top ten opening weekend records as it is now:

  1. The Avengers, $200.3 million
  2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, $169.2 million
  3. The Dark Knight, $158.4 million
  4. The Hunger Games, $152.5 million
  5. Spider-Man 3, $151.1 million
  6. The Twilight Saga: New Moon, $142.8 million
  7. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn‚ÄĒPart 1, $138.1 million
  8. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, $135.6 million
  9. Iron Man 2, $128.1 million
  10. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, $125 million

Have you seen ‘The Avengers’ yet? Do you think the movie was better than Harry Potter and that it deserved to beat its record?

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Remember a few weeks ago when Ian Somerhalder was on the Ryan Seacret show and he talked about how he would love to play Christian Grey in 50 Shades Of Grey? He said, “I absolutely would be up for that… Absolutely. That would be a pretty incredible thing.”

Well, guess who else would also love to play Christian Grey? That’s right, True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard.

He tells Access Hollywood: ‚ÄúWhere do I sign? ‚Ķ He‚Äôs got a sex chamber? My character has that on True Blood. He‚Äôs got his little dungeon. ‚Ķ I was born to play that part.‚ÄĚ

Uh-oh, looks like Ian has competition. Not in my opinion though, I personally would love Ian to play Christian Grey.

What about you – who’s got your vote? Should Ian Somerhalder or Alexander Skarsgard play the role of Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey?

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Zac Efron¬†has been doing plently of steamy scenes recently in different movies, including kissing¬†Michelle Pfeiffer¬†in¬†New Year’s Eve¬†and just recently some very steamy scenes with¬†Taylor Schilling¬†in¬†The Lucky Onewhich you can catch in theaters now! However, none of those were what he called the “highlight of his life.”

In his latest movie,¬†The Paperboy, his costars include¬†Matthew McConaughey, John Cusack¬†and the lovely¬†Nicole Kidman. He had to do a few love scenes with her and here’s what he said about it:

‚ÄúI pinched myself everyday, especially after doing love scenes with Nicole Kidman.¬†It was the highlight of my life. Nicole was something else and was always in character. She didn‚Äôt get weird method, like some actors do, but I have never seen anyone so centered.‚ÄĚ

And if that wasn’t enough, it seems Zac has quite the crush on Kidman as he went on to say,¬†“Nicole is so gorgeous. It was everything you dreamed of. She was such a lovely person.”

Wow, she must be pretty great if Zac had this much to say about her! I would watch out if I were you,Keith Urban!

Kidding! He doesn’t have anything to worry about as Zac is a good man and knows she is married. When asked about what kind of a woman he would he would like to settle down with one day, he said,¬†“[My wife will have] a sense of ambition and a sense of freedom, which is a careful mix. You have to balance those two. I haven’t exactly found it yet.”

I hope you do find her one day Zac! (*coughmecough*)

What do you think of Zac and Nicole getting it on in ‘The Paperboy’? Do you think it will be hot or weird?¬†

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In an interview with¬†Ian Somerhalder¬†this morning,¬†Ryan Seacrest¬†asked him whether he would be interested in playing the character of¬†Christian Grey¬†in the popular New-York Times Bestselling fiction “50 Shades Of Grey”¬†that will be turned into a movie. His answer? “Oh goodness! Potentially.¬†I absolutely would be up for that… Absolutely. That would be a pretty incredible thing. And hopefully that could pan out, I think.”

A lot of fans have been wanting Ian to play the role because of his smoldering blue eyes and dashing looks, he would fit the naughty (and sometimes nice) role very well! He does do it pretty darn well on ‘Vampire Diaries.’

Later in the day, he¬†tweeted¬†about the interview saying “Had a BLAST with @ryanseacrest¬†on the show.Ryan,Ill do my VERY best to make this 50 Shades of Grey role happen-you come for a set visit???

When asked if he has read the books, Ian said “I have the book and I just started reading it.” That means he probably doesn’t know that the rest of the book has some pretty X-rated scenes that he would have to act out if he played the role of Christian. One of those scenes will involve him get naked, YES¬†NAKED!

Um, anyone else really want this role to happen? Because I sure do.

If you don’t know what the book is about, it’s basically about a college graduate named¬†Anastasia Steeleand billionaire man¬†Christian Grey. Steele is forced to sign a contract allowing him to control her life, and as she learns his different sides, she also learns that he’s very sex-crazed and his childhood abuse left him a damanged individual.

I definitely want to read this book, seems pretty interesting! Especially if Ian is picked to play the role of Christian, then I’ll have to read it because if you knwo me then you know I love Ian Somerhalder.

Do you think Ian Somerhalder is the right person to play the role of Christian Grey or do you have someone else in mind?

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It’s official! After many speculation and rumors,¬†Lindsay Lohan¬†is set to play the famous¬†Elizabeth Taylor¬†in the Lifetime biopic¬†“Liz & Dick.”

This film is about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, the two icons who had an on-and-off relationship where they spent a very long time together before they finally married and then divorced twice. The film begins production in early June in Los Angeles.

In a statement by Lohan herself, she said, ‚ÄúI have always admired and had enormous respect for Elizabeth Taylor. She was not only an incredible actress but an amazing woman as well. I am very honored to have been asked to play this role.‚ÄĚ

The role of Burton has not been cast just yet, but I am excited to see who will star alongside Lindsay’s first big role after everything that she went through. I am really glad she is getting back up on her feet and acting again and I think she will play the role of Elizabeth well.

What do you think of Lindsay being cast to play Elizabeth Taylor? Do you think she will do well or that she isn’t ready to take on such a big role just yet?

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