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There were definitely some interesting fashion choices made tonight at the Teen Choice Awards 2012. There were a lot of bright, fun colours worn by some and some not so bright by others.

My best dressed of the night were:

Taylor Swift: Seriously, she can do NO wrong at a red carpet. Not once have I ever hated anything she’s worn. Tonight, she chose a simple white dress that basically made her look like an angel (as if she wasn’t one already). And her cute braided updo added to her look!

Selena Gomez: I really liked the bright fuschia pink color she was sporting tonight. It looked great against her skin and with her new hair color as well. Great choice especially on your birthday too!

Victoria Justice: A lot of you may not agree with me, but I personally love this girl’s fashion choices. Tonight, she chose a high-neckline swirly print dress and it was just so classy! It definitely suited her and showed off her killer legs.

Kendall & Kylie: Can these half Kardashian & half Jenner sisters let us raid their closet? They’re the definition of teen fashion. Everything they wear is so fab! This time, they chose two cute short dresses. Kendall sports an understated black dresses with a side braid, and Kylie with a brick-red dress!

The Girls Of PLL (Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson): There’s a reason these girls are on the show “Pretty” Little Liars. All 4 girls did an amazing job picking dresses tonight. However, I have to say Lucy and Troian dressed just a little better than Ashley & Shay.

And now my worst dressed of the night are:

Demi Lovato: I know, I love her and I’m a huge Lovatic, but I really did not like her outfit. At first glance, I thought it was pretty cool but after looking at it again, I thought it was a little too much. It was really dramatic with the sparkles, black and yellow, and the high ponytail. There was a lot going on. BUT I did really like the other two outfits that she sported during the rest of the show. Love ya Dem! 🙂

Jordin Sparks: She didn’t really do it for me tonight. The plunging neckline and haltertop was flattering to her body but then it just went downhill at the bottom with the poufy skirt and purple heels.

Nikki Reed: This structured black dress is just too flat. It makes her look like a box and doesn’t show any of her curves. It’s a little too serious for such a fun night.

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Today is the beautiful, Khloe Kardashian Odom‘s birthday. Happy birthday Khloe! Personally, she is my favorite Kardashian out of the three, because she’s just so awesome. So I thought, why not put together 5 reasons why I think she’s so fierce and real. Enjoy!

1) She doesn’t let all the fame get to her head – her personal life is out for the whole public to see because of the Kardashian’s hit-reality TV show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” however she doesn’t really think she’s all that and she just seems so real when she’s doing interviews and when she goes out with her friends.

2) She doesn’t care that she’s not super skinny like her sisters – Khloe is and has been confident with her body type for a while now. She feels it’s important to love your own body, and although she’s had a lot of pressure about her weight before, she says that she will not change her body because of the media – plus she loves food, like I do, haha!

3) She has worked with PETA and is a strong believer in saving animals – If you watch their reality tv-show, then you know that Khloe did an ad for PETA where she posed naked, and was going against wearing animal fur. She is no longer with PETA because of the flour-bombing incident that happened to her sister, Kim. However, she continues to do work to help animals. She recently raised thousands of dollars to help endangered tigers in the wild, and even adopted one!

4) She will do anything for husband, Lamar Odom – Khloe and Lamar are seriously the cutest couple! They always act like they are newlyweds and are so affectionate with each other. She has supported him from the start, and it was no different when he was traded over to the Dallas Mavericks, and she left her whole family and life in LA to move to Dallas with her hubby. Now that’s what you call love! She also put a halt to her own reality show (Khloe & Lamar) in order to focus on her marriage.

5) She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and she’s so much fun to be around – Khloe, aside from Scott Disick, is one of the most outspoken people on KUWTK. She has insulted both her sister’s boyfriend choices, from Scott to Kris Humphries, and knew that they were bad news. She will tell it like it is. She’s also the funnest from the sisters, she knows how to have a good time. She’s the one that lightens up Kourtney Kardashian’s mood when she’s with her and tries to get Kim to have a little fun in life. In the last episode of KUWTK, she was the one that made their vacation fun for their younger sisters: Kendall & Kylie.

And those are five reasons why I love Khloe Kardashian and think she’s the best! Once again, Happy birthday girl!

Is Khloe your favorite Kardashian?

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In this brand new trailer of Season 7 of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” we get to learn quite a bit about what we will get to see this season.

The new trailer begins with all the Kim and Kris Humphries drama that we saw in “Kourtney and Kim Take New York.” Kim is learning how to deal with it all and the media, and the drama isn’t over just yet. There’s still the divorce, emotional heartbreak and so much more to be seen and discussed!

Remember when Kim had flour thrown all over her head by a PETA activist? Yeah, well get ready dolls because we will get to see all that as well as how she reacts to it afterwards.

There will also be relationship drama between Kourtney and Scott (as usual), what would KUWTK without their drama? Remember, Kourtney is also pregnant with her second baby at this time.

And lastly, the trailer hints that there will not only be Kourtney and Scott trouble but Kris Jenner andBruce Jenner will be having relationship problems as well! Kris says “I left my husband for this guy,” andKhloe Kardashian says with a shocked face “You know Bruce is going to kill you.” Uh-oh Kris what did you do now?

Get ready guys because Season 7 will premiere May 20 on E! and I have a feeling it’s going to be a great season.

Will you be watching? What are you looking forward to seeing on the reality show?

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E! has just announced that the seventh season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians will air on Sunday, May 20th at 9 PM. Anyone else love how this was announced right all the Kim and Kanye reports?

This season is much more longer than previous season with 18 episodes. The season will shows things such as Kim dealing with the divorce, Kourtney’s second pregnancy, Rob’s business career, and Kendall andKylie’s teenage lives.

The above picture is the promo poster for the seventh season, they all look pretty darn good! The Kardashian sisters took to their twitters and blogs to promote the next season as well.

Also take a look at the very first promo video which was released below.

Are you excited for the seventh season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians or have you had enough? 


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