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There were definitely some interesting fashion choices made tonight at the Teen Choice Awards 2012. There were a lot of bright, fun colours worn by some and some not so bright by others.

My best dressed of the night were:

Taylor Swift: Seriously, she can do NO wrong at a red carpet. Not once have I ever hated anything she’s worn. Tonight, she chose a simple white dress that basically made her look like an angel (as if she wasn’t one already). And her cute braided updo added to her look!

Selena Gomez: I really liked the bright fuschia pink color she was sporting tonight. It looked great against her skin and with her new hair color as well. Great choice especially on your birthday too!

Victoria Justice: A lot of you may not agree with me, but I personally love this girl’s fashion choices. Tonight, she chose a high-neckline swirly print dress and it was just so classy! It definitely suited her and showed off her killer legs.

Kendall & Kylie: Can these half Kardashian & half Jenner sisters let us raid their closet? They’re the definition of teen fashion. Everything they wear is so fab! This time, they chose two cute short dresses. Kendall sports an understated black dresses with a side braid, and Kylie with a brick-red dress!

The Girls Of PLL (Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson): There’s a reason these girls are on the show “Pretty” Little Liars. All 4 girls did an amazing job picking dresses tonight. However, I have to say Lucy and Troian dressed just a little better than Ashley & Shay.

And now my worst dressed of the night are:

Demi Lovato: I know, I love her and I’m a huge Lovatic, but I really did not like her outfit. At first glance, I thought it was pretty cool but after looking at it again, I thought it was a little too much. It was really dramatic with the sparkles, black and yellow, and the high ponytail. There was a lot going on. BUT I did really like the other two outfits that she sported during the rest of the show. Love ya Dem! 🙂

Jordin Sparks: She didn’t really do it for me tonight. The plunging neckline and haltertop was flattering to her body but then it just went downhill at the bottom with the poufy skirt and purple heels.

Nikki Reed: This structured black dress is just too flat. It makes her look like a box and doesn’t show any of her curves. It’s a little too serious for such a fun night.

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Yesterday, B.o.B‘s music video for “Both Of Us” featuring Taylor Swift came out and me, being the ‘Swifty‘ I am, had to watch it right away.

And now, today, I can’t stop listening to the song, and have probably listened to it more than 20 times already. It’s so catchy and has been stuck in my head.

This isn’t your average Taylor Swift love song, it’s about adversity and strife. The music video is set in the rough parts of Nashville, Tennessee. It teaches you to appreciate all the blessings God has given you and that life isn’t all about money and fame. I like that B.o.B isn’t rapping about money and weapons, like most rappers rap about. And even though Taylor Swift doesn’t sing much, her parts are chilling.

I absolutely love the song, music video, and the meaning. You go guys!

What are your thoughts on the music video?

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In recent interviews with Justin Bieber, he has revealed a lot about who he will be collaborating with on his new album “Believe” as well as how different it will be from any other album he has ever done. How exciting!

First off, through twitter both Justin and his mentor and idol Usher revealed that they will be releasing not one, but TWO duets, with one single appearing on each of their albums.

Another surprising collab? Justin and Drake. Two fellow Canadians. Drake told Capital FM that working with Justin was a breeze because they both share the love of melody. He went on to say “It sounds like everything you’d imagine a great Justin Bieber and Drake song would sound like. We meet on the ground of melody he’s always like ‘Yo, you’re melodies are so crazy’ and ‘give me the craziest melody,’ so we sat there for a night and it was actually a great studio process.‘ Oh wow, this sounds like it’s going to be pretty awesome!

And lastly, when I heard about this one I was really surprised! Justin recently revealed that he has collaborated with Taylor Swift as well! He told Capital FM, “It’s crazy. I mean I even wrote a song with Taylor Swift, so the whole album ranges differently.” He was then asked if there will be a kind of country vibe for his new album because of the collaborating to which he said, “With my music it doesn’t only stay in a box. Everything is so different and that’s why I’m so happy with this album. Everything doesn’t sound the same, everything’s different and [after] each song you won’t expect the next song to happen.”

Justin has said that this album will probably be one of his best because it’s so different and there’s so many different collaborations. He said “We worked with Mike Poser for ‘Boyfriend’ so that turned out well, and then we used Timbaland and Kanye West and Drake and so many different people.”

Sounds like this will be one hell of an album! I’m already excited. Justin Bieber’s new album is set to be released later this year, probably around June.

What do you think of all these collaborations? Are you looking forward to Justin’s new album?

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